What other mothers had to say?


I was privileged to listen to Olabisi speak on time management at the church’s women weekend retreat. I was very impressed with how the talk touched the every day time management challenges faced by most mothers and the steps to overcome them. I was so glad that I wasn’t the only woman struggling with managing my time and there were steps to remedy this. Even though it was an eye-opener for me, the steps she gave were easily achievable. I still from time to time go back to my notes each time I feel I am slipping back to old habits. Thank you for your help with making my life easier as a mother and wife.

Funke .F. mother of 3 (The Refresh, Renew, Recharge Retreat)

Listening to Olabisi speak about being a yummy mummy was very inspiring. She was a delight to listen to. I really loved the way she shared practical tips that have worked for her. She was a blessing to me and my husband who also attended the conference.

Amanda .B. mother of 1 (The Trinity Chapel  Women’s conference)  

Reading the ‘Stress free mum’ book has been very inspirational for me. I picked a couple of points in it which I’m currently practising. I can definitely say that the tips are working for me. Thanks, Olabisi for such an inspirational book. I can’t wait to grab a copy of your next book.

Joycelyn  A. mother of 2

I have had several opportunities to be blessed by Olabisi as she has shared from her heart how we can live as a stress free mum. Her impactful teachings are underpinned by God’s wisdom. She uses practical examples and her own experiences to illustrate how to apply her teachings to real-life situations and avoid those pitfalls that we sometimes as mothers fall into. Her teachings are reflected in her family life. She is a true blessing to me.

Sam O. mother of 2