Hello, my name is Olabisi, although many refer to me as ‘The Stress Free Mum’ after the publication of my first book. 

I sometimes wonder how it all began and remember the three words I once used to describe myself as a young single lady – organised, patient and positive. And then life happened, and I was presented with letting go of these qualities or holding on tight.

  • I got married
  • Became a mother of  two wonderful children (both under age 2)
  • One of my children required weekly medical care (at the time)
  • I had a full-time job in the UK banking industry
  • I also ran a business
  • So I worked six days a week and
  • I was also a committed member of my church

I look back now and wonder – How did I cope? How did I juggle all the balls without dropping any? How did I keep on smiling through the many storms?

It has been a journey of trials and triumphs, which I would love to share with you on this page, and hopefully, someday when we meet, I will tell you the very long story, which surely is a testimony of God’s help, grace and mercy.

Well, before then, I hope you enjoy the stories and the practical tips that have helped me on this stress free journey of motherhood.

To bring you up to speed, I still serve in my local church as a Co-Pastor and Worship Minister. I am also a Conference Speaker, Mum Coach, Author, Mum of ‘boys to men’, and happily married – all by God’s grace and mercy alone.

Here to help

I help mums manage stress and make time for their priorities – themselves, their family, their dreams and God. I provide mums with effective tools, structures and strategies for the motherhood journey.

I offer easy-to-grasp training through

  • Mummy Workshops
  • Private coaching
  • Seminars
  • Workbooks

Feel free to contact info@thestressfreemum.com for more information

Professional Bio

Olabisi has a degree in Education/Foundations and a Masters in Human Resource Management. After years of working in the UK Banking sector, her passion for caring for children and ensuring they have the best start in life led to the establishment of  Too Precious Childcare Service, a daycare, after-school and holiday club provision.

As a qualified Early Years Professional, Olabisi progressed on to support other early years and childcare providers in the UK through nursery startups, quality audits and staff training. Olabisi is also a certified Project Manager and currently works on several UK local government projects to improve outcomes for children and their families.

Olabisi is the Founder of The Stress Free Mum, an initiative to help mums manage stress and maximise time. She is also the author of The Stress Free Mum, a practical guide for the foundation years, and the Creative Director of The Stress Free Mum Collection, which consists of several journals for mums who love to write.

When Olabisi is not at work or writing, she spends time singing or enjoying time at home with her family.