Are you struggling to have time for yourself on the journey of motherhood?

Are you wondering how to cope with the demands of parenting young children?

Are you juggling many balls and worried they'll all fall to the ground?

Are you wondering how to create time for you while making time for your children?

This was my story.

And these were my concerns over 19 years ago when my journey into motherhood began. At that time I saw many mums struggle in the early years of parenting and I did not want that to be my story.

I wanted to live life, love life and enjoy motherhood.

But how was I to do this when…

- I had two children under age 2 to care for (not twins).

- One of them had a medical need which required regular hospital visits for a number of years.

- I pursued a new career which required my attending evening lectures for over 2 months.

- I had a full-time job (after maternity leave).

- I started a business (which meant that I worked 6 days a week).

- I served in my church as a music minister every Sunday (also attending rehearsals every Thursday evening).

- I had a marriage to keep alive.

- I had no help other than my spouse.

But I did with God’s help!

You too can create time for the things you want to do.

You too can make time for you, your children and God, whilst enjoying the process.

I will be sharing effective strategies from my personal experience, practical tips as an Early Years professional, useful resources, and Biblical principles; to help as you in your role while living the life you desire through the online course:-



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