Today, I am determined to be thankful. I have spent the better part of my time being worried and complaining about the things I am yet to possess. I had constantly organised a pity party with only one guest – me. But today I just got tired.
Tired of whining
Tired of complaining
Tired of thinking the world was on my tiny framed shoulders, and of course tired of hearing my sobs underneath my duvet.
Suddenly I remembered the great things I had that money can not buy. I remembered that many would have loved to be alive but are no more.
Many would have loved to be married but aren’t.
Oh, I remembered many who are married and still waiting to be blessed with children.
Again I remembered the many women who would love to have their immaculate homes designed with different shades of crayons but are once again greeted by the silence of an empty nest.
Oh, I remembered! And this time I called off the pity party and poured out my voice in gratitude to my Maker, realising that there is always something to be thankful for.
No matter the challenges and difficulties we face, there is still something to be grateful for.
So I’m thankful, I may not have all the things I crave for but now I know better – All I have is a privilege and not a right.