• The Stress Free Mum is a woman of faith in a world where fear prevails. She knows there will be challenges along the way but strongly believes there will always be a way out.
  • The Stress Free Mum faces loads of battles, some big, some small. To the world, it should end in a win or lose situation but to her, it’s always a win-win situation regardless of the outcome.
  • The Stress Free Mum is not a woman with no stress but one who is in control of the stress due to the greater One on her inside. She is positive and purposeful, with a plan and on a mission.
  • The Stress Free Mum is brave. She is a woman willing to jump knowing fully well that she has no wings yet she expects to fly.
  • The Stress Free Mum is a real woman who understands that life comes with stress yet she doesn’t wait to be overwhelmed by it. She prepares beforehand, like a lion waiting for its prey. She surely refuses to be the prey and so she prays.
  • The Stress Free Mum understands herself. She knows what she can deal with and what causes her stress and so she plans ahead of time and tries her best to be organised.
  • The Stress Free Mum is an investor. She invests time into her family. She understands that family comes first.  She knows that life is fickle. She is aware that no career or pay supersedes the benefits of motherhood.
  • The Stress Free Mum is not deceived – she knows she isn’t superwoman but a woman with a Super God. She is not perfect – sometimes she cries, loses her cool, yells, feels overwhelmed but she holds on to the One who made her a mum. She holds on to the One who has the power to calm every storm.
  • The Stress Free Mum is grateful for her role. She knows that motherhood is a privilege and not a right. She is a woman with no name or race – she is simply The Stress Free Mum.


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