Happy Easter. May the joy of the resurrection morning be yours, now and always.
I thought to share three short lessons from the Easter story using the account in Mark 16. Here goes:-

1. Be willing to pay the price for what you want – Your desire to become a better mum will require you to pay the price. The price might be losing sleep, taking a career break, waking up earlier than usual, or even cutting down on social events to spend time with your family. Whatever the case, there will be a price to pay for what you want. The women in Mark 16 paid the price to go after Jesus in the tomb, which cost them their time, convenience and money, for they bought spices. 

2. Keep going after your goals –  Keep chasing after your set goals no matter what life throws at you. The women were worried about the stone at the tomb’s door and wondered who would help them roll it away, BUT they kept moving until they reached their destination.

3. Keep your eyes on Jesus – The women looked up amid their worry. Dear Mums, keep looking above, to Jesus, and watch impossible situations turn around. When they looked up, the women saw that the big stone had been rolled away

I gleaned a lot more from this story, but I wanted to share these three and how it relates to the motherhood journey. Feel free to join me in saying the prayer below:-

Dear Lord, Grant me the grace to keep chasing after You. Empower me to pay the price to develop meaningful relationships around me. Help me to keep my eyes on You and deliver me from all my fears, for as long as my eyes are on You, I will never be ashamed (Psalms 34:4-5), in Jesus’ name. Amen.