As a Christian mum, it can be challenging to balance the responsibilities of motherhood, work, and personal time while also nurturing a relationship with God. The days can feel short, and there never seems to be enough time to do everything that needs to be done. However, intentional planning and prioritisation can maximise your time as a Christian mom. Here are six ways to do just that:

  1. Wake up early for quiet time with God. Waking up before the rest of the family to pray and read the Bible is a great way to start the day. This time can help you feel more grounded and connected to God, setting a positive tone for the rest of the day. Even if it means going to bed earlier, the benefits of starting your day with God are worth it.
  2. Prioritise your to-do list. As a mum, your to-do list is probably never-ending. But not everything on that list is equally important. By prioritising your tasks, you can focus on what needs to be done and leave the rest for another day. This can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and make your days more productive.
  3. Multitask wisely. Multitasking can be a great way to get more done in less time, but it can also be a recipe for distraction and inefficiency. Instead of trying to do everything at once, choose tasks that can be done simultaneously. For example, listen to a podcast while doing laundry or do a workout video while the kids play nearby.
  4. Set boundaries. It can be easy to get caught up in the demands of motherhood and forget to take care of yourself. Setting boundaries around your time can help ensure you have the space to recharge and prioritise your spiritual growth. This might mean saying no to some commitments or delegating some responsibilities to others.
  5. Make time for family worship. As a Christian mum, sharing your faith with your children is essential. One way to do this is by making time for family worship. This can involve singing songs, reading Bible stories, and praying together. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but making it a regular part of your routine can help reinforce the importance of faith in your family’s life.
  6. Take advantage of downtime. As a busy mum, you probably have moments throughout the day waiting for something or having a few minutes to spare. Rather than mindlessly scrolling through social media, use this time to pray or read a devotion. These small moments can add up and help you stay connected to God throughout the day.

In conclusion, being a Christian mum can be a challenging and rewarding experience. By prioritising your time, setting boundaries, and making space for God, you can maximise your time and find greater peace and purpose in your roles as a mum and a Christian.