Here we go:-
1. Reduce Nagging: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Consistency and firmness are the keys. Always follow through what has been said.
2. Focus on positive behaviour: Give meaningful praise to the children. Catch them doing what you want and give them specific praise for it. ‘Well done for eating all your vegetables’ instead of just saying ‘Good boy/girl’. Always ask, ‘why am I giving this praise?’
3. Tame the tantrums: Tantrums are inevitable however the approach taken determines how long it will last for. The more attention you give to tantrums, the longer it will go on for. Foil not feed the tantrum.
4. Talk not shout: Children are used to parents giving instructions while yelling. A different approach may be more productive.  Lowering your voice before making a request will get your children to listen as they are not used to this new tone.
5. Set Clear boundaries: Setting clear boundaries allows children to know what is expected of them and prevents you from making up rules as they go along. Boundaries set must be clear and age-appropriate for the children.
Wishing you a stress free time,